Monday, April 5, 2010

Insects of Spring!

Spring is here at last and every insect is stirring. Those that spent the winter inside homes (stink bugs, lady beetles, cluster flies, etc.) are showing up in kitchens and other living areas and making people crazy. Stinging insects are flying about, looking for nest-building areas. All of nature is coming alive!

The temptation to buy a "can of stuff" and kill these nuisances is high. My advice, for safety's sake, is let them be. Open your windows/doors and let them out or vacuum them up. Outside, try to avoid the south side of buildings (this is the side that wasps like to build their nest on) and don't harass the wasps. They are actually the females and they are only looking for a place to build a nest.

The danger to your family from the pesticides you may use is not worth the limited results, especially indoors. I never use pesticides inside my house and I have used pesticides for over 30 years.

Enjoy Spring

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