Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bed Bugs Bite

These days we are receiving an increasing number of calls concerning bed bugs. While most of the problems seem to be in apartment buildings and hotels, we are seeing more and more residential problems.

One of the major reasons bed bugs are making a comeback is increased travel by Americans and the increase in foreign travelers. In some portions of the Middle East bed bugs are merely a small nuisance, much like we consider house flies to be a nuisance. We usually just "shoo" them away when at a restaurant and think little of it. However, house flies are a greater potential health hazard than bed bugs!!

And bed bugs are not easily detected. I recently vacationed in Arizona, visiting the national parks and monuments there. A wonderful experience! I thoroughly checked every hotel room for signs of bed bugs, following a guideline that I prepared for travelers. In spite of this, I hosted a bed bug feast in one hotel, receiving multiple bites on my shoulders and neck. They are VERY difficult to detect in small numbers.

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